Retail vs Classic PvP and RPG feeling overall

Hello and thank you for your time reading this.

Just to note for all the things i’m about to say, i don’t play Classic WoW at the moment so this isn’t a “hype” of mine for whatever reason, it’s just logic and common sense.
I did play Classic at high-end back in the day so i have an insight of how it “felt” as well.

So to get to the point:

Honor system

I’ll dare be confident enough saying im speaking for 99.9% of people who played retail since Legion at least, but your current Honor System on live servers is COMPLETE GARBAGE.
You took an already insanely failing honor system from some previous expansions, and made it 400 times worse.
But let me get to the details.

First of all, where is the PvP vendor your community is crying about? Why are PvP players forced to pray for an RNG chance drop from a weekly chest or a really POOR item level drop from high rated arenas?

This is insane discrimination between your PvP and PvE community cause it is obvious your main goal is for the World First PvE raid guilds not to “have to farm honor gear” before raid or not to create imbalances for your PvE raiders, while at the same time you are creating insane imbalances for your PvP players, and not only that, you are DESTROYING their gear grinding system, forcing them into PvE as well.

MoP and other previous expansions are highly remembered as “great” cause you could actually log in, ALONE, not with a group of 19 other people which is practically impossible on any day other than “scheduled raid” days and hours, and you had content you could play SOLO in the game, of grinding Honor for YOUR OWN GEAR that wasn’t complete garbage and useless like it is right now.
Today a PvP player has to play PvE if he wants to be relevant, so he will have to already be good at PvP and want to invest time into learning PvE and finding a guild to raid with as well, and maintain a 100% steady schedule if he wants a spot in that raid.
Other choice is to pay an insane amount for boosters, which is totally unpredictable and messed up option to begin with.

But that players motivation to even begin playing retail WoW will probably die with him reading the fact that he “has” to PvE or have a pre-made team for PvE content.

That type of “solo” content by it’s self, pulled in a huge number of players motivated that they can carry their own weight in the game while still being relevant to high-end tier content, gave life to YOUR game, and gave competitive content to PvP and arenas.
Solo content HAS to exist in every game, everyone wants to be able to chill, open his computer and be able to play and enjoy a game WITHOUT having to open a conversation with 4 or 19 other people, and that’s not being anti-social it’s just a fact. Games are meant to be enjoyed.

The same question goes to WHY ARE THERE NO HONOR REWARDS whatsoever.
Blizzard’s current Honor System Reward developer was probably on drugs when he was creating the Honor Rewards.
Do i even need to speculate? You give someone the same mount, in a billion different colors every 25 honor levels? And a big bunch of useless toys and garbage in between?
Not to mention, it’s practically IMPOSSIBLE to farm honor levels after a point, to get the “good looking” mount at least or some useless title or so that gives nothing with it, and carries 0 “actual prestige” with it, in contrary to what it says.

People in Retail will make fun of a player who is 300 Honor Level, hell i’ll even make fun of him, why the hell farm 300 honor levels when u gain nothing from it? Don’t you have a life?

Bottom line, balance your Arena Rewards , the best way to do that, is the arena vendor YOU implemented to begin with which was perfect, and i have no idea why it was ever removed.

Buff the Honor rewards BY A TON, cause they are currently non-existent and it’s like throwing candy at a baby’s face to make him feel like he didn’t waste 200 hours of his life grinding 25 honor levels for nothing.
Give it some ACTUAL prestige, and you’ll see people flooding your BG’s again like it’s 2008, and not call RBG players or Honor Grinders so “washed up garbage” etc.

For example look at the beginning of this patch on Retail WoW , where the Essences were introduced, and people had a motive of grinding the Honor Essence for their own. BG’s were so much fun , you would find streamers playing in your Alterac Valley or Warsong Gulch, people would actually try to play properly cause they weren’t completely unmotivated and didn’t just afk out when they felt bored by a dead content, and BG’s in general felt super fun for those 2-3 weeks until most people got their essence and completely stopped queueing BG’s , including me.

And that’s ONE essence. ONE reward only, imagine if you had a good system built around it.

I know it get’s pressuring getting so many requests from people like me who take time to actually write on this site, but sometimes it feels as if you developers ever took the time to play the game and see how it actually feels from the inside, how boring and dead the game looks when u log in solo , or when u don’t want to play PvE content,
so please try and learn to differ the super casual players complaining(which they usually have no clue what they are saying anyway),
from the complaints you should actually be working on to give life to your game again.
Hell you guys are rich, pay some players to test your game, pay them to tell you that they have NO CONTENT to play and NO GOALS to grind unless they want to be a competitive raider or something, and stop listening to the people complaining they will fall behind cause
“they don’t have 2 hours to play the game every day to farm AP or Honor for gear”, and then you give them Classic WoW and the EXACT SAME people play 15 hours a day like drug addict to hit rank 10, paranoia in it’s finest.

And the main difference is Classic even though it has garbage mechanics, and is allot simpler and outdated as a game, it’s 500 times more of an RPG than Retail at the moment, and it has actual content you can play by yourself, it has actual prestige in it’s rewards as well.

And guess what doesn’t really matter in Classic cause it’s way too easy?
Yes, you guessed right, raiding.
And even so, look at how active and “rewarding” playing it feels, and how much nicer of an RPG it is , when u can actually farm for yourself, ye?

So i’ll just leave this here for you to think about, cause even if u just read the last 2 sentences, it’s allot.

Thank you for your time and sorry for the long post, i could keep writing for hours about other stuff but this is enough.