Resurrected after 20+ years!

I started playing Diablo I in 2000 when my sister, who is five years younger than me, introduced me to it. My only game obsession was Doom at that time. I played Diablo II and the Extension from the beginning. I have played literally thousands of hours of the game since then. No other computer game interested me. I played co-op loan wolf, mostly. Very little of it in public games, but all online. All sorts of characters, but summoners mostly.

Anyway, today is the day I can play Resurrected (after an upgrade from an OLD computer). I am SO excited, I haven’t seen it yet. I know exactly what to expect, just in a completely unexpected way! I cant wait to see the Baal cutscenes! If I keep my gameplay rate up, I should rack up a few thousand more hours, if I live that long.

I started playing D2 when I was 40. I’m 60 now.

You’ll love the new version. If you’re looking for nostalgia you will most definitely find it. I played D1 when it first released up until D2 came out, then I became a hardcore PvP player in D2 until the repetitiveness just got… old. Diablo 3 is just… meh. A grind, and that’s it. In my opinion the next Diablo needs to be open world online with continuous support such as new areas added, weapons, etc. What they’re doing now is just Seasons. Just a rinse and repeat grind for little to no reward.