Restart and Update always there, doesn't update when clicked

There is perpetually a green arrow over the Blizzard logo, top left of the Battle net launcher. When clicking the logo to view the drop down list it always displays at the bottom of the list, “Restart and Update”.

Selecting/clicking that closes the Battle net desktop app and relaunches the log-in window. After logging back in, the green arrow is still there, and the “Restart and Update” text is still there in the dropdown list. Seemingly, no updates actually happened. is the Battle net Version is the Battle net Update Agent Version

This issue was also reported last year. 2022 June thread in this same forum:

Exiting the desktop app, closing it in Task Manager, uninstalling it, deleting all relevant folders in APPDATA, TEMP, etc., downloading the app, and installing the app doesn’t fix the issue. I’ve done all of that multiple times, yet the issue persists.

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I’ve repeated all of the steps to manually uninstall, stop the battle net update agent in Task Manager, delete multiple folders relevant to battle net and Blizzard, newly download the battle net desktop app, Run As Admin while clicking to install the app, Run As Admin while launching the app, and yet the “Restart and Update” bug persists indefinitely. Battle net Version Battle net Update Agent Version

When I do a trace route to Heroes Of The Storm (North America, U.S. West) there is 1 “Request timed out.” entry between Salt Lake City, UT and Los Angeles, CA. Total of 12 lines.

When I do a trace route to World Of Warcraft (North America, U.S. West) there is an additional “Request timed out.” entry 2 steps after the known one, for a total of 2 timed out entries. Total of 12 lines.

If there’s an IP address to test which is specifically for the Battle net Desktop App, I don’t know what it is or else I would test that IP specifically.