Response 404 when I try to request match history from Chinese region

I was trying to use this api to retrieve match history from Chinese server.
GET – /sc2/profile/:id/:region/:name/matches

There are three required field: id, region and name.
I am confused all of them.

I have tried extract profile id from battlenet link like: battlenet:://starcraft/profile/5/6486910864900227072.
I noticed that this profile id is much longer than profile id from other servers. I am not sure if it is the reason I get a 404.

Then, region. It is required a string. I am not sure what should I put on that? Shall I type a ‘5’ or ‘cn’?

Finally, the ‘name’. I tried the name in the game in line with profile id. But it doesn’t work.

Could anyone give some hint about this api? Thank you so much!

Details on those fields can be found in the official docs for region there is this page.

Just a warning: unfortunately the whole SC2 API will be discontinued at least temporarily in a few days as you can see here.