Research project: Do people think that they can be a good WoW streamer?

My research is a kind of surveys that do people are willing to be a WoW streamer. I did a survey on an other forum, interview some of my friends and take an observation of my roommates to collect data and the reaction.
I find that most people actually confuse to be a WoW streamer for the following reasons:

  1. They do not want to plat a game when someone is looking at them. They may think the game is not enjoyable if someone is looking at that or may be too shy to share.
  2. Even some WoW streamers may not do the WoW streaming for a long time, because the game, WoW has a really large world and the audiences prefer game, which can make them excited. Therefore, not so many people will watch the WoW streaming.
  3. The world of WoW is too hug. Therefore, the game is not really friendy for beginners.