"request timed out" Tracing route

Tracing route conducted and tickets submitted as well as provided my MXInfo and DXDiag, I have yet to be contacted by a game master despite seeing my ticket opened. I only raid two nights a week and this problem has been persisting now for multiple weeks. I’m at my wits end and am seriously considering retiring from blizzards services and going back to Runescape, at least I know what to expect when their servers are not complying. It’s a shame because I built this computer to play WoW at the most optimal and highest of settings, and I pay monthly to play as well. This is seriously taking a toll on my ability to continue along with mythic progression and the lack of communication regarding my tickets is both disconcerting as is disheartening. I seriously question their ability to maintain both healthy relations with their client base and their capability to resolve issues. Definitely not a good look for Blizzard - apparently graphic design regarding their logos takes precedence over actual issues that their customers are experiencing with their games. LOL

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