Request stop is a joke

OK so what is the point in the request stop. I was in twilight highlands, need to go to hinterlands, a direct flight north, or so I thought. It’s been years since I was in twilight highlands. I get on the fp and it decides it’s going to take me way south. I hit the request stop right away, but instead of the gryphon stopping at the next twilight fm, it brings me all the way into loch modan before letting me off. WHAT THE ACTUAL!!! This isn’t the 1st time this happened to me, it won’t be the last, but the point is Blizz should either fix this so if you decided to hit it, you get to get off at the next fm you go over, or just remove it from the game & I know they won’t fix it, they are now on 18 years of not fixing wow, but my gawd this is one of the most frustrating things imo in wow.