Request Rate Limit increase?

Hello! I run a web site, dataforazeroth, that uses Blizzard’s APIs. My site was recently featured on Wowhead and I have seen a large increase in traffic. I wanted to see if Blizzard is willing to increase the Rate Limit for larger sites? If so, are there any requirements I need to meet to request this? And if not, as an alternative, I wanted to see if I am allowed to register multiple clients for different portions of my site to get a better Rate Limit that way. Thank you!

Hi Shoogen,

In regards to multiple API clients, we do not allow consumers to register multiple API clients simply to bypass rate limiting restrictions. However, where we do permit multiple API clients is when each client is used to consume data from a specific “region”.

After a brief review of it appears that you consume data for characters from multiple regions, so you could in theory register a client for each region and then use the associated regional client when requesting data for a character that belongs to that specific region.

  • dataforazeroth_us
  • dataforazeroth_eu
  • etc

I hope this helps.

Thank you! Your suggestion should be a big help.