"Request Error" using one-button push notification

I submitted this as a ticket initially and was asked by support to post here. Ticket number is US76016384

When logging into to a service or game requiring secondary auth. I am only asked to provided a code or change the secondary auth to email or SMS. Nothing is pushed to the authenticator app for verification. Opening the app I have switch it to enter the code manually. Enter the code and authentication is successful.

Trying to use the one-button auth flashes “No Login Requests” for a second. Then it flips to the error message:
“Request Error
Your request did not make it through.
Please make another request.”

I’ve added/removed the app from my phone several times. While removing I was sure to Reset the Authenticator and reboot the phone. I attempted this using 3 different wireless networks, Home, Work and Cell carrier. All attempts fail to resolve the error. There are no restrictions on my home network. I am the admin for my work network and nothing is blocking requests there. I can’t be certain my cell carrier blocking anything but it is Verizon based.

I am using an iPhone SE 2020 running iOS 14.2. The authenticator app version is 2.4.1 Any ideas or help are appreciated. Manually entering the code works but i much rather use the one-touch like the other MFA apps I have to use.


I have the same problem with my Iphone 12 Pro Max. I also tried the same things you did with no results. It only seems to be a problem with the one-button auth. I didn’t want to keep removing and adding the auth. I was worried I might trip some security lockout or something and get stuck.

I looked at the newest app reviews for it and apparently it’s happening to a lot of people.

Same problem here, also on iOS 14.

Same just upgraded to iPHone 12 Pro Max and happening to me as well.

Same issue with iPhone 12 Pro Max @ iOS 14.2
Seems like it’s an app bug?

I am also experiencing the same error message since upgrading.

Same issue here, on an iPhone 12, running iOS 14.1 and also after updating to 14.2.

Same for me, also iOS 14.2 with an iPhone 12 mini.

Same for me. Blizzard, please advise.

Wow, could 've wasted my whole evening on this one. Just bought a new iphone 12 today and your already guessing, same problem here!
Fix it!

Had some progress today. I happen to come back here to see if there were any suggestions, hopefully a blue post. Glad to see I wasn’t in the same position. Definitely looks like there was something conflicting with iOS 14.*

IDK what has changed or maybe I missed a post somewhere. Push authentications are working again i think. No updates were done on my phone or the app either. I tested Hearthstone and initially it showed the error message I posted. Then it clicked over and the notification came through. i haven’t tested the BNet client yet but fingers crossed it will work.