[Request] API Endpoints for Torghast and Bonus ID list

Hi Blizzard Developers,

I´m interessted in the following information and would like to request new API Endpoints for this:

1. Torghast
Content API: Gives data regarding each Wing, Layer, Floors and possible Encounters and maybe Wing Rotation

Profile API: Gives data of a character, which Wing, Layer, Floor they did and when an encounter was killed last. Goal is to see which character did Torghast in the current ID and how much they managed to progress.
Bonus: Extend the API endpoints for Twisting Corridors Mode

2. Item Bonus ID List
Content API: Please give a list of all avaialble Bonus IDs of Items together with meaning/type (example +bonus item level) and value

I would appreciate any feedback regarding this new enpoints from developer side :slight_smile:

Thank you very much
Kind regards
-A Web Developer-