Removing a lost authenticator from an old account

I’m trying to help my wife to restore her old account. Her account was last active sometime around WotLK or Cata, and the authenticator that is bound to her account has been lost. Her account was originally created before we were married and is under her maiden name.

She submitted a ticket (ID: #72856622) and provided a picture with her ID from back then with her maiden name, and a recent ID with her married name. She received a response on that ticket and was asked to provide a copy of our marriage certificate (I get that you want to protect accounts, but this is kind of ridiculous). She took a picture of the marriage certificate and submitted it in a new ticket referencing the ID number above. That was Sunday and she hasn’t heard anything back.

Hey Pongojim,

There have been very long queue times recently unfortunately, which has led to long wait times. As for the extra documents that were requested, we simply need to make sure we are helping the registered user. If the name doesn’t match exactly, we need extra documents to verify. To avoid this situation in the future, I would suggest writing down the authenticator serial code (or taking a phone screenshot of the code) so that you can remove or restore the authenticator in the future. You can also attach a phone number to remove authenticators in the future.

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