Removal of the "Friends" option from the notification icon

Why was it removed ? I always use that to check which of my friends are playing and such. It was such a good feature…

Now I have open the app and then check the friendlist, seems more time wasted…


I second this. I’ve never been on these forums before, but I had to come here to possibly make a post about it asking for the button to be added back. If not the forums, then I would have wrote an email. I was glad to see your post already made, so I’m not the only one.

Before, it was just right-click on the icon, and click “Friends” to see which friends are online.

Now, it’s double-click the icon to bring up the launcher, click the friends button the top right, and click the “X” button to close the launcher window.

Why would anyone in their right minds remove a feature that makes stuff easier to access? The only explanation is money. I’m betting that the removal of this button is to force us to open the launcher so we have to see what deals they are offering. A good example of this is the modern warfare game for a percentage off the price right now. More views equals higher chance of someone buying it.

So thanks a lot for making things just that tiny bit more annoying because of greed instead of customer satisfaction. /s


This change is complete crap. I do not want to have to open up the launcher fully to get to my friends list to see who is online and doing what. Change this back or add in the option somewhere to completely customize what the right click menu from the task bar icon shows and in what order it shows stuff.


Agree! Please return back this button

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people rly need this button, pls return back this.

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Please return back this button !

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Agree with all above. Miss it alot.

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Just noticed, the option for friends list is back for me.
Thx Blizzard. :slight_smile:

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