Remaster D2, Kill bots

Love Diablo 2, Hate bots. Remaster Diablo 2, make botting much more difficult. Thank you


Eradicate the bots .


instead of a remaster
a big update patch

  • high resolutions support
  • end game maps like median XL and Path of exile
  • increased inventory and stash like plugy mod
  • fix some skills
  • nerf some synergies
  • mercs can wear gloves boots amulets rings belts
  • act 5 frenzy barb merc
  • new uniques
  • new runewords
  • new set items
  • IP BAN THE BOTS (this is the reason this game its abandonded and almost dead)
  • some items like the rancid gas and oil potions should be changed to something like a 10 sec attack speead and faster casting potions
  • high resolutions support - yes plz
  • end game maps like median XL and Path of exile - yes plz
  • increased inventory and stash like plugy mod - will ruin pvp, no plz
  • fix some skills - no plz
  • nerf some synergies - no plz
  • mercs can wear gloves boots amulets rings belts - LOL NO PLZ
  • act 5 frenzy barb merc - uhhh sure
  • new uniques - no plz
  • new runewords- no plz
  • new set items- no plz
  • IP BAN THE BOTS (this is the reason this game its abandonded and almost dead) - yes plz
  • some items like the rancid gas and oil potions should be changed to something like a 10 sec attack speead and faster casting potions - lol sure

Most your suggestions will completely rip apart this classic game. It’s classic because of how it developed thru the years of its prime time. Changing it now to keep it “interesting” for new players like you would take away the fun the rest of us have had for decades.


Increased inventory and stash - YES!!!
reason: less mules

Fix some skills - YES!!!
reason: many useless skills who deserve a chance for new builds

nerf some synergies - YES!!!
reason: builds like hammerdins being OP its the reason there many bots on this game if they nerf the synergies to a balanced % it will be a step to eradicate bots

merc can wear gloves boots amulets rings belts - YES!!!
act 1 merc wearing equipment to increase his fast run speed to run away from danger
act 2 merc wearing all equipment with + skills will boost their auras
act 3 merc wearing faster cast equipment and + skill to boost his damage
act 5 merc wearing crushing blow deadly strike and open wounds equipment

act 5 frenzy barb merc - its easy just they use the act 5 npc barbs and done

New uniques - YES
reason: some items deserve their unique version like the falcata, heater, great hauberk etc.

New runewords - i guess you are right

New set items - maybe you are right too

anyway i am just dreaming, blizzard only care for that mobile garbage, i dont really hope they will do anything to this game tbh


Yes I would like to see a remastered D2


Remaster will never happen

Found out recently that I think the best version of D2 was before 1.10 : 1.09.
Why ? The biggest two reasons would be:
• no 1.10 runewords most of which are OP and cheap at the same time, making the game too easy and reducing the viable item builds (most options are rarer and weaker than a few 1.10 runewords) and the balance between possible skill and stat builds. The runewords involving high runes create items which are too powerful and makes the game a breeze to go through. But if you look at 1.09, you’ll find a much more interesting structure with many more possibilities, due to in part, a lot less elite unique items. Most unique items are normal or exceptional, so you can upgrade them or you can use rare elites or magic/socketed elites with non-OP runewords. No nonsense such as lvl15 valkyrie skill on cheap runeword armor for ama negating the use of valkyrie based skill builds. No OP cheap spirit, or insight which makes managing your mana pool and mana efficiency nearly irrelevant. And making A2 merc always better. etc.
• In 1.09, monsters get +100% HP per extra player instead of +50%. Which means that the game doesn’t get too much easier when you add players into the game like 1.10+. So in 1.09, you don’t necessarily have the best strategy being to rush forward in a easy game with 8 players. You get more balance between player amounts and more difficulty despite more players (although it would still be easier with more players than solo due to the extra damage and shared abilities and effects).

There are more reasons but they are I guess more debatable [example: in 1.09 vendors don’t sell mana potions. You have to spend mana or use normal attacks to get mana potions from monsters. You can’t just get mana potions for gold (~= free) and store a lot of mana in your inventory that way at any time. Interesting because it puts more stress on your mana efficiency on your build and makes mana efficient builds more interesting, also you can’t just get many of these potions easily before a pvp fight for example etc] but very interestingly in 1.09 the rare runes are both non necessary ofc and also a smaller bonus rather than something that gives you OP status and make the game easy; they are a little bonus to add to your best items (they only give their own little bonus, no runewords with high runes). There are more possibilites and no synergies so more balance between possible skill builds.

I recommend trying out 1.09 for example on private servers. I believe it’s the best D2 version so far, should maybe serve as an example^^


100% of botters on jsp east LADDER are known non ladder pvp’ers

they could easily fix ladder and non ladder simply by seperating them
get rid of ladder exclusive items, and make characters/items on ladder NOT transfer to non ladder after the ladder resets.

this gives way less incentive for people to bot ladder

non ladder is already ruined with bugged/hybrid items anyway
non ladder is completely garbage and unplayable
the barrier to entry into non ladder pvp is MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF FG
and the easiest way for people on jsp to get fg is LADDER!!! why? because its nearly impossible to make fg on non ladder. because the only items people want from non ladder are bugged/hybrid/prepatched items that cant be botted for.

they need to be seperated from one another.

At the very least we should have hi-res support. 800x600 is crazy. A remastered version would not appeal to the stock holders because it would take time and money with little return, and that is the most important thing for Activision. They don’t care about the old D2 gamers. We aren’t pumping money into the company. No micro transactions &/or content to purchase = no money.

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I personally wont pay a peny for a remaster!

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they would have to be SUPER open about what they are doing behind the scenes to prevent botting and have constant posts about the current state of the game.

a remaster that has even 1 dupe or hack or bot or anything will fail so hard instantly.

they already burnt their fan base by letting d2 go to poo. and no ones going to get burnt again

This game does not need remaster at all, all games previous remastered was total failures and damaged reputation of main game, if you dont like graphics, than why millions people play games on mobiles phones, which even have worse graphics, but still enjoying it, because graphics its dont matter, only thing Diablo 2 needs, its resolution upgrade, so you can play at least 1080p normally


You couldn’t upgrade uniques in 1.09. But yes, it was the best patch.

Bit more than halfway through season, I wonder if we will see any changes for christmas.

Once they officially start working on the game full time, like they did almost 2 years ago with War 3, poop is going to hit the fan and all the cheaters are going to light up this forum with their vitriol.

What would folks think of getting rid of some item types, for a time, in order to rework those item types before working them back into the game?

I like allot of what I see here!

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it’s not only a remaster that is required. the game has to be reverted to it’s original form v1.09. which was a balanced version of the game and all chars had an opportunity. all items had their own value and every player could beat they game without having the absolute rarest items.