Release the Heroes of the Storm actions figures in 3.75"

Hi guys,

My suggestion is for the Blizzard Heroes of the Storm action figures team. You have amazing action figures but they are just too big! Can you please release the Heroes of the Storm action figures but in 3,75"? That’s the perfect size 1:18 scale to go with several other actions figures, in particular, the GI Joes, Corps, Star Wars, and all the vehicles.

They will also be cheaper and take less space in your home! I would buy the whole lot!

There is an upcoming GI Joe moving coming out, it will be a perfect time.

Please, PLEASE forward this to the toy department at Blizzard, I beg you guys!

In particular the Overwatch Ultimates Action Figures… OMG, these are AMAZING, simple the BEST, but again, too big… PLEASE, release them in 3.75"