Regulating Kicking players from Random Dungeon teams

(I tried to find the basic WoW Retail forum, but I failed to do so. As such I am posting here. If you have a link to the appropriate page I’d be happy to repost there. That being said, on to my suggestion.)

I’ve been running dungeons with my boyfriend with our alts using Threads of Fate. An awesome addition to the game, many props to the dev team and all others who helped create and implement this quality of life upgrade.

However, the toxic culture of MMOs is starting to creep into our game experience. Each of us is being kicked on a relatively consistent basis. Never both at once, as such we are able to review the subject of the vote.

I tank and or heal, and he is DPS. We never wipe, the agro is appropriately focused on me, and we play the boss mechanics to a “T”. Grant it everyone makes mistakes. The point is we are both above average players, but by no means experts.

The complaints are typically full of fowl language or discriminatory speech. But most importantly they are concerning issues such as “pulling too much trash”, or “not doing what I said when I said it”. Yes, there are “short cuts” and ways to cheese through dungeons that we don’t always take. I prefer to run a smooth consistent run rather than risking wipes or having to deal with running back through respawns.

The issues in the removal of players, including ones who aren’t us, are very minor. In a setting where new players are working their way towards max level this is simply rude and toxic. So, I have a suggestion.

When we abandon groups in Dungeon finder, Raid finder, and PVP finder we get a cool down before we can re-que. What if you add a cool down to “kick player”? Maybe we can only vote to kick a player once an hour. This way we think twice about kicking the clearly unexperienced paladin just because we are annoyed. Instead we might focus on kicking players who intentionally create problems in the instance?

This way new players get a chance to learn, and the rude toxic players just have to curb it. In this scenario those of us who want to learn, and those of us who want to show others the way to go lose nothing. The only one affected are the players who vote to kick people from every dungeon run because they aren’t being “optimal”.

This may not be the ultimate solution, but lets get the ball rolling on creating a community for everyone, especially the new and causal players.

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Typically wow general has been the appropriate forum.

There is actually a increasing penalty for kicking players. For the last few expansions blizzard had weighted things towards kicking. I have not seen any explanation from them.

Ultimately you are being kicked as a group of 2 by 3 randoms their is likely some reason.

You are right, this forum is for the Support Website that has Knowledge Articles and ticket options for all Blizzard games. They don’t take suggestions that way.

The WoW forums are here

Last I knew, that already existed. If you keep kicking eventually you will be put on cooldown and can’t kick again until that is over.

That said, running public dungeons is kind of a learned skill. There are social and game conventions people follow and if you don’t, you end up removed. Playing with friends who want to do the dungeon your way is the only sure way to avoid that.

If you keep getting kicked, you might want to consider why. It is not common to have it happen frequently. Last, while kicking may be rude at times, Blizzard won’t regulate that. They intentionally made it so that people can be removed for any reason if the majority agree.

Sure. there may be a reason- but if you’re just running along doing your thing and suddenly your kicked, without anyone having said anything to you, how are you supposed to know WHY?

Sorry for the very late reply.

Common reactions to players talking about kicking and trying to tell the player to improve often include things like attempting to wipe the group and doing a vote kick on another player with the reason they are about to be kicked.

ie the player with very low dps. suggests a vote kick on the healer “Low dps”. If players dont pay attention to the name they kick the healer and as per the “rules” missCheetah listed above will be unable to kick a second person for 45-60 minutes.

This actually happened to me. I laughed and moved on, I think I had to wait 15 minutes before re-queing. I may have even completed the new dungeon before the previous group found another healer and completed their dungeon carrying the sword and board paladin dps with both leather and cloth gear.

I was informed of the reason I was kicked “low dps”