Regional Pricing Please (I.e. South Africa)

I have seen several threads on this very topic already, but mainly from 2019 and older, so I felt like making it a thread once again.

South Africa players and clients, are still expected to pay in Euros, which is really costly and drives, many, many players away from purchasing more games, or even using the platform at all.

Steam/Valve, have implemented South African regional pricing, to a fairly good degree.
More platforms have also been implementing regional pricing as well.

If I may use Twitch as an example:
This year, Twitch did a huge overhaul for regional pricing, and acknowledged how regions have different USD buying power. South Africa, being well understood to be a country that Euros and Dollers are expensive. Hence, the welcoming implementation of a Twitch Subscription being R33.99 ($2.28) when it WAS R98.00 ($6.56).
This was just to mention how recent event, a company made pricing adjustments, and hopefully Blizzard/Battlenet, can follow suit.

I think it’s a bit, shameful, that, can possible be the last platform to have regional pricing… As surrounding platforms, if not already, are in the works or have recently recognized the significant of regional pricing.