Region/account change

So I think 2 years ago, I made this account not realizing that it the region changed to US, I then continued and realized that I cannot change my region.

Fast-forward to yesterday at 9:30PM where Overwatch 2 was downloaded, I clicked play and waited for it to load (even though there was a queue) and I did press the different accounts button (because I was also merging my account from console) then it was asking for my number, I went on a browser and could not change it because it’s asking for +1 only, realizing again it is a US region. I tried going to the region/account change page on Blizzard, but it was asking for money to change.

How do I change my region/account without paying anything and not going through the hassle of giving stuff to them, as this was a literal mistake. I have read things on online etc and people fell with the same mistake. Please help!

Thank you!