Region change request denied, no clarifications

I moved from one country to another and tried to change the account region using support ticket.
I have all the proofs for the new residency a person can think of (utility bills, payment method associated with a new country’s bank, phone number, government-issued IDs, etc, etc.).
Unfortunately, the seemingly simple request was not resolved. The support representatives simply tell me that the utility bill I provided is not valid and that they clearly see that I still reside in the original country. They didn’t elaborate on this and didn’t offer any options to provide additional evidences.
I do not see any other options to contact the support other then via tickets. I do not see the way to escalate the issue.
I would appreciate any help in resolving my problem. Also it seems that the region change process needs a lot of improvement.


same here
at first I got an Email that they made the changes
then I check my account and no changes have been made
and I got an Email that my account has been compromised
I’ve been in contact with them for the last 2 weeks
they keep saying “we are unable to verify the original account owner”
I keep asking what can I do to verify that I’m the original owner
and they keep answering the same way
it’s crazy

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I provided my passport, linked Pay Pal, Georgian visa, attached bills for water and electricity, attached a rental agreement, took a video of me logging into the banking application, and the video shows my name, payment template address in Georgia, also paid bills . are visible. But that’s not enough…

I know it will be enough. When will this circus with clowns buy Microsoft and fire all these monkeys that someone mistakenly allowed near computers. And Verdansk will probably return.

There were no problems with Steam. 1 minute and the problem is solved.

Later I decided that I was a genius and would create a new account and i will give a gift to another account by purchasing CP. But that was also impossible. There is a “Gift” button, but a message appears that this cannot be done with this currency.

Do you know what I mean? I want to pay these monkeys, but they won’t give me…

I know why this is happening, they are very busy (on youtube this video - It4r6V18YpU) developing new series of Call of Duty because there are still 10 thousand of them.

I wish a speedy bankruptcy and worse diarrhea to the clowns who came up with this!

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literally the worst client support I’ve ever encountered
like you’re talking to a robot that doesn’t know better then copying and pasting default answers

  1. doesn’t answer my questions
  2. doesn’t explain the situation
  3. doesn’t provide any solutions
    while other companies (Epic, Steam, GOG, even Uplay and EA which I had problems with before) solved this problem (which isn’t even a problem) in a matter of minutes and got back to my gaming, Blizzard struggles with the simplest of tasks.
    And some how made it even worse by locking my account and even when trying to get it unlocked following the instructions on their site and providing them with all the information they need, it just comes to the same end.
    Horrible client support