Refund Vanguard Criteria

First time playing CoD in almost a decade, thought I’d dabble my feet in it and see what it’s about.

It’s a horrible game.

Now I can’t get a refund…:

The criteria of two hours for a refund is unimaginably low, I get it that two hours is fine for someone who lives on CoD but for someone like me who is ‘new’ to CoD, two hours isn’t sufficient.

I thought it was fine the first first two hours, but as I got to know it more it’s not enjoyable at all, blah blah - you get my point.

Just thought I’d chip in my two cents.


100$ down the drain.

I had the exact same experience my friend. Their refund policy is ridiculous. I would suggest a move to EA/Origin. I purchased BattleField 2042 on early release, discovered the game had issues and requested a refund. Spoke to someone via chat who refunded me an hour later… Blizzard get your act together if you want customer loyalty.

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