Refund Everything Hearthstone

Hello Blizzard,

I would like everything Hearthstone related on my account refunded. That includes all my purchases, my card collection, dust, gold, card backs from bundles, hero portraits from bundles and anything else that I got from bundles. Just my whole Hearthstone account reset and all the Hearthstone related purchases on my account refunded; and all funds go back on my Blizzard account balance. I don’t like the game anymore. It is not fun for me at all anymore. It is so expensive and fells like a chore to play.

Thank you for reading and any feedback will be appreciated (from actual employees).

All digital purchases are Final. Official Blizzard answer is in the Support Article here

Attempting to put in a ticket for a Hearthstone refund will take you to the same page.

Customer Support cannot refund or restore cards in Hearthstone, as the game is designed to prevent mistakes of this type.

All sales in Hearthstone are final. Please double-check your order before you enter your password to finalize your payment.

The sales are final is nonsense in the real world. If you want a refund within the first 24 hours of a purchase it is possible. It could be due to an accidental purchase, etc. 72 hours after purchase… is pushing it, still possible. After 72 hours it is unlikely you will get a refund. And in all cases, if you use the purchases in-game the chance of getting a refund is extremely unlikely.

AHAHAHAH im with you maybe we try to get elon musk to see how much of this game is real people and how much is them with ai fake pumping for stats and % to hit numbers for investors LOL if they did what twitter did then we can push for class action on refunds because this game is on cruise control and if you played it from start like i did you can clearly tell !!!