Recruit a friend wording needs to be changed

so after discussing with tech support for several days now on how the wording on the recruit a friend limitations is wrong and that technically we fall under option 2 and with that i mean that in the section
( To recruit a friend, your friend’s WoW account must match one of the below descriptions:

  1. Your friend’s account is new, created in the last 7 days.
  2. Your friend hasn’t paid for game time for over 24 months. If your friend has returned and paid for game time in the last 7 days, they are still eligible to accept your invite. ) no where in there does it states how long an account has had to exist for and ONLY states that it could not have had game time in the last 24 months which if you created a free acount 3 weeks ago then you have not had active game time in the last 24 months. now with that said unless they were refering to “active game time” as just playing the game but then that would negate out this
    ( Q: Who’s eligible to participate in the new Recruit A Friend program?
    A: Recruiters must have active game time to start the recruiting process. Recruits with new accounts must have a WoW account no older than seven day)
    in that a free account is not considered (active game time) and you must have PAID time to be active to recruit a friend.
    now the tech team has responded with.
    “Yes You can recruit friends with either A) a new account no older than seven days old.or B) an existing WoW account that has not had active game time in the past 24 months.” and then under that added in there own statement of " that means if an account was created more then 7 days ago, but had never had game time , it is not eligible for recruit a friend. only old accounts that were previously upgraded, but have become inactive since then can be recruited." now i do understand this but NO WHERE dose it say in writing anywhere on the website that in order for an account to be considered “old” that it has to be a set age in years with inactivity. Of which i did respond to them stating that no where does it say what constitutes an old account and leaving things to assumption without having a set rules in writing stating such things is would be a minor breach of contract in that there isnt a factual specified time limit or definition process to what the company considers “old” or “existing” and that a support member has to be the one stating well after the fact of what the companies terms are. in my eyes the moment i had to verify my email to get an account to play WoW then my account does in fact exist and that if a company is able to look up my profile which they can do with free accounts then it MUST be in existence in there system. of which the tech team responded with accounts do “NOT” start with a WoW account. they must be manually created and your account will not be considered “active” or “existing” until game time has been added to it once. Once game time has been added to it once, that is considers it a “veteran” account any time it dosnt have game time going forward." well hmmm the thing in question is “Your friend hasn’t paid for game time for over 24 months. If your friend has returned and paid for game time in the last 7 days, they are still eligible to accept your invite.” it dosnt say my friends “VETERAN” account it only states my friends account that under definition of existing ( to be a member of the domain of some theory, an element of some possible world, etc) dose in deed exist. now that this is just a game and the repercussions of such a mis wording would only lead to the possibility of having to hand out a bunch of recruit a friends to people with free accounts older then 7 days so its not a HUGE thing, but in real world had this been a million dollar contract im certain there would be multiple lawsuits involved for the fact of leaving a lot to the assumption of the players understanding what your terms are without actually defining them. but i do suggest that a re wording to the recruit a friend things be done to avoid conflicts’. and as someone thats been a customer service management i think your tech team did do great in defending the site with what sources they have available to them and that it is way over their head who does the website writing but i assure you under a legal contract if it was state like your site then directly under that there would be a whole section that defined what an “old” “existing” and “acitve” accounts were defined as to the company and not to us the players.