Recruit a friend bug?

Adding my voice on this. After multiple updates, a server merge, and fixes of other problems, it’s amazing to me that there hasn’t been so much as an whisper about how this problem is going to be handled. You’ve passed the task of recruiting players on to us, and now you’re selling us short on your end of the deal. We know you’re busy, Blizzard, but please act on this—or, barring that, at least tell us something. Let us know you’re aware.


3 amis sont passés niveau 60 et j’ai eu seulement la récompense des 2 premiers paliers.
Merci de me donner mes récompenses.
Bien cordialement,

[pt]Tive um probleminha com esse evento após o merge, sumiu as pessoas que eu havia recrutado. Qual será a solução, estava em andamento a progressão deles e agora que sumiu não receberei os prêmios?
[En]I had a little problem with this event after the merge, the people I had recruited disappeared. What will be the solution, their progression was growing and now that it’s gone I won’t receive the rewards?

Same issue here, I have 2/3 friends reached 60 before server merge and I was be able to claim the rewards fine, however when my last friend reached lv60 today, not only I lost all my previous credit but also the last friend didn’t event count towards to the event.

Same all tasks finished no rewards

Same issue here, first task completed and cant claim rewards

Same issue, for me the recruited friend even disappeared from the “recruited friends” tab

Still no answer from Blizzard. I just really wanted that portal to claim it…I don’t need a free Lego mail compensation

I recruited three friends, and they reached Levels 49, 56, and 57 before the recruitment deadline (November 8th).

All three recruited friends reached Level 60 by November 20th, but the Event had them stuck at 49, 56, and 57.

All my recruited friends disappeared from the Event—my Recruited Friends list—on November 22nd.

I hope to receive the portal cosmetic reward by December 6th, since we all did our part for the Event. Thank you.

I recruited 3 accounts and the second one hit 60, but now it says I have recruited no one and I did not receive reward for second 60.

Same issue my friend! Really upsetting :frowning:

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Same issue, sent a ticket and they told me to post here, made a post and got no response.

i also am missing rewards. i had 3 friends recruited but on the day of the server merge the recruiting event disappeared from our trackers. all 3 have made it to lvl60 before deadline and should have earned reward. please fix?

Same issue for me. I have 3 friends that I recruited who reached level 60 but I only received rewards for one of them.

December 6 has come and gone. No fix. No compensation. Not even an acknowledgment that there was a problem.

If Blizzard expected anyone to believe they care one bit about the users of their products, you’d think they’d bend over backwards to correct this obscene and widespread betrayal.

I won’t hold my breath.

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Now the event page has been gone and still not a words for compensation at all.

We demand an answer, compensation is not enough, I want the current rewards!

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I have the same problem with pics and this is my 3rd thread i updated stating that this is an issue.

Seems they ignore the issue and our complaints. No reply on it so far, really disappointed!!!