Recruit a friend bug?

We would at least like to have a statement or information on how to proceed with the event. there are some who have this problem. Or will they simply wait until 6 December

Same issue here. Friends in my recruit list show lower levels than they actually have, and the event disappeared on their end too.

is there no information or a statment regarding this

Same issue for me, my friend reach lvl 60 5 days ago and I didn’t get the reward.

same issues - 3rd friend hit 60 but still shows he is lvl 30 - no rewards to date. FIX IT!! FFS - baited us hard like the gems

I have the same issue. Recruited my nephew, he leveled 60 yesterday 19.11. but on my list is still shown he is level 53 so I can’t get my final reward.

Exact same problem, my friend is successfully recruited, I got the first reward, but now he is level 60 Paragon 3, in the recruited friends section it displays he has lower level than he actually does, but if I tap on his name it displays correct profile with correct level.
No need to say that I didn’t get the reward.


Can we get an answer, Blizzard?

This is still an issue and a lot of people are involved. Please prioritise.

only i get a smile after reading - 2nd “friend” 3rd “friend” ? xD other than that rip for your crests guys and yuh it should be fixed ;w;

C’est une blague?
Mes contacts recrutés ont disparus…Merci blizzard…trop fort!

And now after update I have 0 Recruited friends.

GG blizzard, not even a single notice regarding this issue…

And funny thing ticket will be automatically closed in 17 days. Seariously?


I have the same issue. The friends that I recruited reached level 60 however their levels did not sync with the event and I was not able to get the rewards. I waited for blizzard to fix this since the event still has time till beginning of December. However yesterday we got server merged, and now my list is empty. Please fix this issue, it is a huge bug that affected many. We all were looking forward to the portal cosmetic


I’m having the same issue. All three friends dropped off from the event after patch. The event still displays for me but not for them. It’s showing I have recruited no one and yet can still select the event. What’s going on with this? I’ve submitted two tickets with no response?


Same issue here. I thought it was related to a server merge and names changing, but not sure. Didn’t check on progress until after the merge and all my recruited friends are gone.

Yes. Same issue here. Blizzard, please fix this bug!

help me please can you check this it will be closed soon Crusader-legendary bug grimcrack buckler

Same here, i can’t get the remaining rewards after my friends lv up to 60 after 8 Nov. Really disappointed. It shows that I haven’t recruited any friends now but I got my third rewards already. Hope it can be fixed and returned what I should get.

I have the same issue. Recruited friends got “stuck” on progress on 11/08. Last patch just deleted them from refer a friend completely.

Any response? compensation is not enough, we need the current rewards!