Reason that is keeping me from playing

If this is possible, can we please get rid of the experation timer on characters in Battlenet. I would like to work on characters at a casual rate but on multiplayer side.

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Clearing out characters that are not played is part of maintaining the server. Keep the following in mind to prevent your characters from expiring:

  • Characters played less than a cumulative total of 2 hours will expire after 10 consecutive days of inactivity.
  • Characters with 2 or more hours of cumulative play will expire after 90 consecutive days of inactivity.

I hope this helps.


Nope. Already knew that. How crappy of a server is it in 2020 to lack storage for small files from early 2000. Even if they retired parts from their higher end servers of their newer titles, it would still be a huge improvement from what they/we used in 2001.

This is what I’m wondering about is that we are in 2020 and a great simple change to allow for casual Diablo 2 fans to keep their stuff beyond 90 days. Main reason why I ask is I do not need a remaster of Diablo 2, I dont care for one but simply not needing to log in and keep a calendar/alarm to make sure I log in each character every 90 days. I, for one, would play a lot more if I didnt have to check in that often.

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That’s still kind of a weak excuse tbh. I have characters in games from 2002 that are still there even though I haven’t touched them for years (like Final Fantasy XI). A single character data in D2 weighs a few kilobytes at most.

@AlienMafia & @OShogun,

Well, it is what it is, however you want to call it. I was just stating what the times are.

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Oh no, I’m just quoting your comment because it addressed the often used explanation that they need that to maintain their servers.

Didn’t mean to jump to conclusions… My apologies.

You can’t compare this game’s storage to one like WoW.

  1. WoW has a character limit.
  2. WoW is a paid service.
  3. Diablo II theoretically allows you to make unlimited characters/accounts on a single license.
  4. Every name would be taken and the server would be a mess if Diablo didn’t clean it up.

They CAN let them last forever but it’d be a horrible idea due to how the system works.

I have no way to prove this but 1 account of wow is probably equal to ALOT of characters on multiple accounts of D2 in terms of data. Also consider population too. D2 is tiny and not really supported at all while WoW is active (why there is funding discrepancies understandably)
I wonder what the highest number of accounts/characters per 1 license there is in 2020 in a game 20+ years old with player being tiny.
Names havent really been a problem with other MMO/games where names are unique but I do understand this argument even though many of us in the heyday just simply put of guild tag in the front of our names.

I just feel that most excuses that are used for a simple quality of life change cant really be a quality valid point in 2020. During the games heyday, yes, now? I dont think so

All in all, character storage limitation has been the same in D2, which is a favorite of a lot of us, since day 1 back in 1999 and I have been feeling for years now that this should have been addressed in mid 201Xs

WoW is played on modern bnet 2.0. D2 is played on 23 year old classic bnet. We’re talking about a gaming platform designed to play Diablo 1.

When D2 gets moved to the launcher and is playable on bnet 2.0 we might get permanent characters like D3 has.

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