Realms Have Multiple Queues

Upon game creation, you may notice you’re put into a queue in line of anywhere from 20-2000, and your position in line drops at random increments of anywhere from 10-30 at a time until your game finally creates. Regular queue working as intended.

At some point, you may notice once this queue reaches position 1, you’re bounced up to say 10,800 in line, and your position reduces at what appears to be 1 per second. The actual position displayed does not update every second, so your position drops anywhere from 1-3 positions at a time. In this alternate queue (which I affectionately refer to as the FUqueue or Flagged User queue), it equates to a 3 hour wait before your game creates. Once you’ve reached position 1 at the end of this queue, you’ll be bounced up in position of the regular queue which then behaves as described in the first paragraph of this post. During this entire time, you may notice others in your friend list apparently successfully creating/joining games which confirms this multiple queue implementation.

What should you do if you find yourself in the FUqueue (Flagged User queue)? Pull up a Squatty Potty, breathe deeply and relax yourself as completely as possible. It will pass. You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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^ Priceless usage in a sentence for expressing a concern.

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I thought my referencing the alternate queue as the FUqueue (Flagged User queue of course) to be the crown jewel of priceless ingenuity in my “expressing concern”, but I graciously welcome the nod to “Squatty Potty” all the same. :wink:

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It may be the case that the most profound statements take a little more time to burrow into our psyche. You may find us with dilated pupils and with lowered/fallen jaws resting upon the concrete and weathered sidewalk while waiting for the midnight bus. It takes time for some things to unfurl. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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this seems to be correct and it will throw you out of the lobby and disconnect the client from bnet after 2-3 attempts at making a game if it fails

Concluding Hypothesis and Recommendation:

While creating a game more frequently than once every 3 minutes on a single cd key in the span of an hour (20 game creations per hour) will result in a temporary realm down ban (12 hours?), exceeding 20 game creations per hour on a given IP address will land you in the “tar pit” (a.k.a. the FUqueue (Flagged User queue, remember)).

I recommend 4 players in a given household sharing an IP not create more than 4 games each per hour (15 minute spans between game creations). Households with 8 players (like The Brady Bunch’s house I guess?) shouldn’t create more than 2 games per player per hour on average if all 8 D2 players in the household are playing at the same time. Otherwise, enjoy the tar pit (a.k.a. the FUqueue (the Flagged User queue, to be sure)).

Cheers! :slight_smile:

I’m guessing that’s morse? I’ve tried 10 different online decoders and can’t get an accurate translation. A few words come through, but that’s it. shrugs

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¯\_(ツ) _/¯━ ☆゚.*・。゚

“Every day I’m shruggin’
Shruggin’, shruggin’.”
— by LMFAO, from the album Sorry for Party Shrugging

Despite how smart he portrays himself to be, he doesn’t realize that two or more consecutive periods in the forums without using preformatted text shows as three periods, along with other changes. Since there are many Morse characters with two or more dots, it turns into a huge pile of gibberish.

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

  • … . / --.- …- … -.-. -.- / -… .-. — .-- -. / …-. — -…- / .— …- – .–. … / — …- . .-. / - … . / .-… .- --… -.-- / -… — --.

- .... . / --.- ..- .. -.-. -.- / -... .-. --- .-- -. / ..-. --- -..- / .--- ..- -- .--. ... / --- ...- . .-. / - .... . / .-.. .- --.. -.-- / -.. --- --.

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Just report as spam and move on


Something I’ve always wondered about this famous sentence… since when is a fox brown? Shouldn’t it be red and perhaps the dog could be brown?

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The red fox (Vulpies vulpies) is the only red fox of the true foxes which comprises of 12 species. That being said the origin of the phrase is the US and the red fox is the species found there.