Realm restrict, only 2 char changes quickly

very weird never had such a fast realm restrict, left game char 2, gave wp char 1, realm restrict.

only a bot would refer to their characters as “char1” and “char2” i’m glad they banned you, you robot!

not really. do you want him to name his characters? lol
its just easier to sa char1 char2

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that’s what a bot would say! F’ing bots! :rage: I bet when players join your game you auto party them without even saying “hi, whats up? would you like to join me in my quest”
nope not a word, auto party up and gogogo, just like a BOT
you are a bot!

@Adam it has nothing to do with bots, and as you can see by opening the public games list the bots are not being banned.

Temporary Restrictions are issued to accounts based on how rapidly they are joining / creating games and/or logging in and changing characters. So if you just downloaded the game after 10 years and are manually doing trist runs or baal runs with any competency you are highly likely to have your connection temporarily restricted for a stacking time penalty ranging between 5 minutes and two weeks.

This has zero to do with any sort of detection/association with “hacks” or “security scan”. In the event that hacks or third party software was detected on your account, then you will be halted on an attempted log-in with the message “Your account has been closed. (8)”. This would happen immediately prior to the screen with a “temporary restriction” message.

Common misconception is that temporary restrictions are a counter-measure to cheating, but in fact the inverse is correct. Bots are programmed with timers to always avoid a temporary restriction, while an unwitting legit user has no prior warning of such an invisible and damaging mechanic.


@Adam, simmer down, I think you’re jumping to conclusions way too early. Replies like yours with accusations without a shred of proof do nothing but hurt the already fragile Diablo 2 community. Someone not wanting to reveal their in game character names in the forum is not a reason to call someone a cheater.


Just switch characters slower. Games stay open for roughly 5 minutes.


Well said! I have to second this belief.


Blizzard is becoming unplayable. Not just from the 3rd party communities, but because blizzard inability to deal with it without it affecting legitimate players.