Realm reset or what ruined my runeword?

Hey guys!
please help me understand…
On my char a Runeword failed and ruined both item and runes.
I used a grey item, non magic, superior partizan, so a polearm - for the runeword Insight. I do have another Ladder class runeword item (Edge) so I guess the issue is not my char not being Ladder.
What am I missing?

Both Insight and Edge are ladder-only runewords. Verify that your character is ladder at the character select screen, it will say “LADDER CHARACTER” underneath it. The last reset was early December 2019.

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Your issue IS that your char is not Ladder!!

You can Have ladder only runewords in non-ladder, but you can NOT make ladder only runewords in non-ladder!

You have to make them with a ladder character then wait till reset makes that char go non-ladder. He will keep all the “ladder only” items carrying them into the non-ladder.