Re: Activision Ads on launcher

The close [X] button at the top right of the CoD ads when you hover over them is almost impossible to see currently. If you insist on advertising Activision products in the Blizzard launcher please at least make them easier to remove.

To be clear, I generally have no issues with related merch (e.g. WoW merch advertised in WoW section of launcher) appearing, but if I wanted to know more about the Call of Duty franchise I’d have clicked on that section of the launcher. Having ads be very closely related to the content they’re inserted into makes them more targeted at the audience and feel less intrusive.


They don’t care.
They don’t care if CoD triggers severe PTSD in combat vets.
They also don’t care how much these ads cost them.
If they did we would have choices.

I would like to see an option to hide “PARTNER GAMES” altogether please.

Are you using the Beta, Darruk? If not, there is a feature that allows you to display (and reorder) which ever games you want.

This. 1000 percent this. It’s borderline rage inducing that I can customize which Blizzard games are shown on the launcher, but I can’t hide the (explicative) garbage partner games that I have absolutely zero interest in. These aren’t games that fall underneath the same umbrella even remotely. Gamers aren’t some monolithic population that just push buttons because they’re shown something shiny. Some folks like first person shooters; I’m not one of them. I don’t want to see these dude bro shooters when I’m logging into my fantasy mmorpg. It’s just a sad reminder of the toilet bowl circling blizzard has been doing slowly since Activision took over.

You’ll notice he specified partner games, and the screenshot you replied with only lets the user order Blizzard titles, not the obnoxious partner titles in their own section below. This answer did not address the complaint.

The post I responded to asked for a way to hide the partner games. What I showed them was exactly that: there are no CoD games visible in the screenshot.

Yes, the partner games can be reordered too. They can be reordered amongst themselves, or mixed into the Bliz games. Any game in any order is possible.