Ranked PVP (Solo Shuffle)

Players who leave in the middle of a solo shuffle should receive a harsh punishment. I can win 4/6 matches, but ultimately it gets thrown away if someone decides to leave. Players can’t climb ranked every time a player leaves over a loss.

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i came to complain about the same, i just played a solo shuffle and someone left on round 5, i won 3 of 4 rounds we fought and got no ranking upgrade. 30 minutes looking for a game and they can leave so easily almost without punish its not fair

I would like to add to this by saying I wouldn’t mind leaving so much if it were not for a 30 min queue timer. It is always estimated to be 8-10 minutes but ends up being 3 times that.

There needs to be a bracket range for healers just like there is for DPS. Should not be seeing 1.7 healers in 2.4 lobbies etc. There should be a 100-200 cr gap at most the ques are already 30-60 min might as well have real games by the time we get to play. The MMR is also completely scuffed some games you can go 5-1 or 4-2 with 0 cr or even a small loss and then other times go 2-4 and gain 30cr. If the MMR gap is so high that no points can be won why put the player in that que, theyve already waited 30 min, the least you can do is make it possible for them to gain rating in that match.

Anyone hear anything back about this? I am very tired of trying to climb the later (3-5 wins normally) to have people leave on the 4th, 5th or 6th round. How do we get blizzard’s attention on this?