Rank transfer after class swap

I switched classes from a crusader to a necromancer. I was wearing a piece of warband gear when i swapped classes and it replaced that piece with a yellow piece. Not a big deal. The problem is the rank didnt transfer and it will not let me rank transfer at charsi.

There seems to be a massive issue with set item rank transfers relative to warband gear lately.

This was actually on a piece of legendary gear. A problem nonetheless. I just hope the borrowed gear doesnt get forcibly taken before my next character swap so i can get the item rank. Idk if there is a maximum borrow time on the borrowed gear…

I’ve just had the same issue happen to me, not very happy that i have to rank the piece of equipment all over again

i just found a fix for getting my proper rank back on the gear. i had to go back to the castle and borrow another item and that gave me back my lvl 16 shoulders even though the piece of gear had crap stats. but i was able to put that piece on while not transfering rank or gems and then switch to a better piece of gear and then transfer

Update. Recent update fixed it. You can now transfer ranks across class gear.