Random ban issue

I have been experiencing the lack of support from opening tickets regarding random chat bans, i currently play on the Taiwan servers and live in Hong kong.

I can not read nor write Cantonese ( which is the language used on the server)
as im not Chinese.
I never used the chat function , yet i was silenced multiple times, i believe this is the 3rd time and i have 5 days left till it is lifted.
I understand that silence bans will escalate into permanent bans , so the only thing left to do was open a ticket!

This was their first reply:

An additional review of the action has been completed. We have confirmed our initial findings, and the action will not be reversed or changed.

We understand that you may still have concerns regarding the action, but we must reiterate that it was taken to address a violation of the Terms of Use and End User License Agreement which all players accept before logging into the game.

We understand that these policies may seem harsh, but they are in place to ensure that every player is able to enjoy their time in our games. Thank you for respecting our position.

This was the second reply:


We silence your account if you are reported multiple times for Spam or Abusive Chat. The duration of your silence increases each time we apply it to your account. There is no maximum limit to the silence duration, and may lead to an account suspension or closure. For more information, visit our Account Silenced article.

Both times it was just a copy and paste respond, no effort whatsoever to at least try and understand my situation, both times their reply was not helpful,
But now i know for a fact that they have serious issues with the automated ban response as i have never used the chat and yet they accuse me of abusive chat and spam.

What i want to point out to everyone reading this post is to be extremely careful , and to not give up in getting justice for yourself, if you are a free to play player and this issue is at your doorstep i suggest not going through the hassle .
But for players that have spent any amount of money, i urge you to never let anyone take advantage of you.

It disgusts me, and makes me extremely disappointed in the system blizzard has implemented for their customer service methods.

I hope everyone that is going through this issue will stay positive, and educate themselves with legal solutions if the matter escalates, this is not about games, or fun when your personal finances are being taken advantage of .

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yes Blizzard I believe have a low quality to check valid report vs spam report or just a random hate people spam. I also experience this and today was my 2nd chat ban now its 30 days I filed a ticket with a thinking of 5% chance that a well educated moderator or customer service will read and really scrutinize if the report was really a valid since I don’t chat to other channel other than our clan and our clan only have like 18 online tops.

somehow things making sense people in company may have a poor quality service providing.

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