Raids bug/glitch

I have recently defeated gorgothra on Hell 2 to unlock Hell 3, and Hell 3 raids. However for the past few days the clearance rewards on Hell 2 Gorgothra and all raids thereafter are not registering. It shows completing Gorgothra will unlock Hell 3 still.
Here i am already on Hell 4 and nothing is clicking. I have tried repairing client, uninstalled then reinstalling, completed all raids till Hell 4 to see if it would trigger it all at once. Nothing would work. I waited until today to see if the raid reset would fix it and it didn’t so now I’m at a loss.

Raid Rewards

Patch Notes - Voidbound Helliquary

  • Demonic Remains will now drop after each Helliquary boss is slain. You will only receive remains for your first five kills following each Helliquary reset on Monday and Thursday.

If you’ve already killed five bosses in the reset, any further bosses you kill in that reset will give you zero rewards.


Raids have worked this way since the patch which was applied on December 14th 2022.

Please actually read my post before replying or post relevant suggestion. Thank you

Please actually clarify how many raid bosses you’ve already done in the reset in which you’re not receiving rewards for other bosses. Again, if you’ve already done 5 bosses in the current reset, you will no rewards for any other bosses until the following reset.

Please post a screenshot of your raid screen (like I did in my original reply)


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