Raid Invites During Battleground

I had a strange experience just now. I was in a battleground, and I suddenly started getting repeated raid invites. Over and over and over again, I couldn’t play. Why exactly does someone sending you an invite to a raid during a battleground cause a full screen accept or cancel window? I’ve never gotten a raid invite before and it was coming from someone I’ve never seen before.

I have also experienced raid invites in the middle of battleground. Any invites or notices should be disabled during battleground sessions.

I don’t do pvp, but I get invites (raid or otherwise) while in battle. Period.

And it seems to occur only at that time.

The invites will likely to be from someone attempting to do the 8-man raid for Lassal.

There’s no way to add players that keep doing this to your Block List easily from the invite. Best way to address this is to accept the invite and then, when the prompt to enter the Raid pops up, you can see the other 7 players in the raid, including the leader who was the player that was inviting you. Click on the leader’s portrait frame, click on the … button, and choose the option to add them to your Block List, then leave the raid.

I just had this experience as well and I’m pretty sure it is a cheat tactic. I received invites during Battleground for Lassal and while the screen kept popping up, I got killed a few times.

The person who killed me IN battlegrounds, was the same person who sent invites to the raid. He/she also happened to end up as the MVP. Also got invites from another player, who was also in battlegrounds on their team.

I didn’t get a chance to click on them to block or report, hoping they would come up in recents but nope.

It’s messed up because I was doing pretty good at that point, then my ranking dropped and I missed moving up to silver by 1 point. meh. It’s not cool man, not cool at all.

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