Racism and Blizzards in ability to act upon it

I am not sure which is the correct thread to post it.

Anyway coming to point, In the court of law you can always see what action court has taken and in this game, I have no clue. People do whatever they want to do and once you report some of them you may get a message some action has been taken, I don’t know which report the action is for, is it for griefing or is it for the racism report I am fed up with kind of behaviour.

I am Indian living in Australia and I encounter a lot of racism in voice chat and depending on if it is casual or serious the way the person is calling names, sometimes I report it. I have no clue on what is the action blizzard has taken because the amount of these kind of encounters did not change much.

I am fed up of these, I come to play on Saturday morning not to be mocked or called names or any of those, I want to know what is the action the person faced, is it permaban, or is it just 10 mins ban or somewhere in middle, or no action.

I want to see each report what I reported and what action blizzard has taken. I am quitting the game untill the point these are implemented. I don’t want to ruin weekend.

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How they know youre an idian? Why not use just universal english name and nobody will even know. Also why dont you just use mute microphone feature?

don’t expect blizzard to do anything mate this corporation wont even do anything about online predators after making a complaint I was told to just block them blizzard don’t care if you quit they already have your money btw I,m an Aussie too

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Aussie Aussie Aussie


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I was just about to start a new topic on this and decided to do a search first. WTF isn’t racism a bannable offense in this day and age? The fact that this isn’t a reportable option and taken seriously shows that the devs just don’t give a damn. I spend way too much money in COD to encounter being called the N word, or some other derogatory name simply because they can get away with it.

I’m older now day and have been gaming on pc since the mid 90’s and i’ve never come across so much racism in my life, except when i’m playing in an online environment such as COD. I stopped buying cod games for years and decided to come back in the last couple of titles. I’ve dropped probably close to $200 or more in this MW game and it’s probably the last i’ll support Activision or Blizzard going foward.


For one, unless multiple people report them, it is your word versus their word. And before you say anything, there are people out there that would 100% not like a player and make things up about them to get them banned and think it would be funny. I agree that MW chat is horrid. But just as in a court of law, accusations dont hold weight without evidence. You being mad is not evidence.