Race Change / Faction Change

Can you please enable race / faction changes for WOTLK Classic. We all know you’re planning on collecting your boost money and then probably releasing a statement like “After much feedback over the last season, we have decided to enable race and faction changes”. If that is indeed true, fine. Make your money for the stockholders, but could you please just let us know so we can plan properly? I’m sure nearly every player would love to race / faction change to whatever their hearts desire without having to completely re-roll their characters and losing mounts, gear, and whatever else they’ve worked hard on.

From a stockholder POV it is mind boggling that you aren’t enabling this service (that was originally introduced IN wrath). But from a company that preaches that they want to provide the best experience for their insanely loyal fanbase who plays 14 year old games because we love it. It’d just be nice to 1. Get some transparency for a change. and 2. Give us what we are asking for.

While I understand a small portion of the player base will give you the “OMG don’t enable this or everyone will re-roll alliance human” I just don’t foresee that happening. Obviously the pvpers will. But most of the community doesn’t re-roll for pvp, and horde is indeed better at PVE. Just please give us what we want.