Quick Play Penalty and 5 Second Cooldown

Ok I seriously hate this new UI when it comes to quickplay. Having to wait 5 seconds normally doesn’t seem like a lot of time but when you are SO tilted it’s hard no to want to keysmash to pass the time. Please consider giving the player an option to turn this off. I’ve never accidentally left a game, you literally have to press and click 3 different buttons to get to the “Leave the Game?” screen and I think that’s enough. Make this “cooldown” like 2 seconds maximum because it’s so infuriating. Next thing is why add a penalty for players leaving quick play games. I see why the developers did this but it’s absolutely absurd as a player. If im tilted i just want to go next, someone else can backfill for me no problems. I don’t see why that ruins the experience. I backfilled a game today that someone had left and then I was stuck in the weeds and unable to leave until I had to shut down my pc. It’s NOT fun, its supposed to be quick play, it’s not that deep leaving a qp game. I want to learn and practice new heroes, not be absolutely obliterated by the other team and have to sit there and suck it up until the game ends. Let me leave the damn game without a 10 minutes penalty!!!

Wow… all that with no indication what so ever of what game youre even talking about. Did it not cross your mind to at least mention the game? But dont bother mentioning it because the SUPPORT SITE FEEDBACK FORUM is for feedback on… can you guess it? Hint, its not for any of the games.

I wonder what wound happen if you put your games name, plus the word “forums”, into google??? Can you guess it? Hint, the very first result would be where this rant belongs.

Yup Blizzard implemented another garbage update. I agree it is definitely not a “quick play” match anymore.