Queues gone on Europe

Not sure what has been done server-side but the game create queues have gone on Europe servers.
Still got the bot created ’ diabaalrunxxx’ games but at least I don’t have to wait 40 minutes to create a trade game myself now…and a word on bots etc. having read all that’s been said here from someone who has played from day dot to present and still enjoys the game experience…

live with it, evolve with it and to quote a gambling site catchphrase ’ when the fun stops, stop!’

I play legit …100% … I have adapted to the bots, sometimes (not often coz they auto collect the good stuff) I will join a bot game for experience but the advantage I find now is that there are a lot more runes available for me to trade (yup I know, they are probably purchased from botting shop sites but not my problem), which means if I play in my own style and pace, mf for gear and collect jewels/gems, I can trade up and over a 6 month ladder period can get a couple of good runewords (e.g. this season I aim for 2 x fortitude and a brand).
Sure I am a bit envious of those that have spent $ and botted making uber chars with uber gear but then again, not, coz I know my chars have been made the long way, ok, maybe with bot found and legit traded runes etc. but I can live with it.


Holy crap, i did not believe it but it’s actually true, woah Blizzard finally did it, now the question is if this is gonna last just a few hours/days like the previous resets or it’s gonna be permanent.

Are you guys on East/West have queues gone too?

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Considering the ways in which criminal organizations have effortlessly and efficiently adapted to lucrative online ventures, I gently share with you not to be envious of people spending money on non-legit forums nor at non-legit item shops. For all that we know, the money they are making from gamers goes towards harming people and not to something as simple as a fancy car nor a Rolex watch.

Just play and have fun and avoid the nonsense.

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wow thats low

i have made 5 400 damage griefs 1 400/40 grief on a pb
1 775 15/15 mp enigma and 775 15 ed ap enigma along with 8 lvl 99 chars along with some really nice 30/10 tri res boots (light fire cold NO POISON NOOBS thats not a res) some pretty good 2/20 caster craft amulets with mid hp (40)

keep in mind i geared 15 chars with perf or next to perf items and made a lvl 99 chant sorc with 6.4k enchant damage with a decent orb 6 chant 2x 5/5 facets

but the real good stuff was finding hrs on day 1 of ladder and through first week while trades were hhhhiiiiigggghhhhh easy when you know how lol. my first high end runeword of ladder was a hoto on day 1

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That’s nothing my sorceress has 9999999999 hp and deals 999999999 damage with telekinesis your bots are low life cheater I am much cooler than you I don’t even use hero editor bru


My Sorceress is able to type 152 WPM, she can knit scarves while levelling which she donates these to those in need, and she still uses a flip cell phone which has no internet access. She rocks!

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Spoke too soon, queues back in the 2-3k waiting to create …

Hey, iWasntThere, maybe your Sorc can get it on with my Druid, he can cough up fur balls … ideal for knitting soft-as-you-like scarves and blankets!

…and I just made a bonus Bramble runeword with 50% poison damage (for my nec in non-ladder) kids self gonna play non-ladder :slight_smile:

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Queues are gone on eu servers for the last 2 days :wink:

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