Queue to get into battle.net?

Says I have a 30 minute queue to even log into battle.net, is this normal?


Yeah it just said it was trying to connect me so I restarted the app and now I get this 30 minute queue bs.

Now my battle.net just wont open!?!? What is blizzard doing over there?

Same… Got kicked mid match due to no connection… logged back in & saw a queue which I never saw before

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Looks like we all have the same issue.

Can’t even connect. Twirling thing and “Connecting…” is display


Yes im having this problem to and my friends are waiting for me in warzone :sob:

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DUDE same!!! like wtf…these OW2 turbo nerds are annoying

I’m happy af to know I’m not the only one who was in game and got kicked and put into a queue


yup having the same dang issue, getting my groove on in multiplayer n then yanked out while i was in it deep, then waitin in lineup for a turn again…30 mins…wtf

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From the login window

“We are currently experiencing a DDoS attack, which may result in high latency and disconnections for some players. We are actively working to mitigate this issue.”

That’s because BN is so poorly optimized. Slowest/throttled D/L times compared to ANY other platform, constant bugs. This is nothing new. BN dont care, if they did they would have listened to the hundreds of complaints by now.

[#Overwatch2] Emergency Maintenance has completed & servers are live. Thank you for your patience, everyone. See you in game!

— Blizzard CS - The Americas (@BlizzardCS) October 11, 2022


That’s it, im switching to Steam… the hell with battle.net

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I ask this then…why keep playing their games and keeping trash in business ? not targeting but just asking anyone in general…just why not…not buy anything and let them crumble…sell off assets and let other companies more reliable manage our games. That is how business work in case some didn’t know

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Not worth other gamers time and unfair to kick everyone. Be better

Just as a lot of us are doing. BN doesnt care period.

Their twitter says they are experiencing a DDoS attack.

Affecting every game on battle.net… that’s messed up…

Thats what I’m saying, from now on, i’m buying COD from steam instead of battle.net