Queue times in Overwatch 2 and Warcraft 3

I can never find a game in Warcraft 3 after ranked was added. Maybe just get rid of unranked match making all together. It really doesn’t make sense to have both unranked and ranked. Versus is already super competitive even in unranked. I’ve waited for hours in ranked queue just to switch to unranked and still not find a match. The game already has a strong campaign and custom games. Tournaments look really cool, but I never play or stay online long enough to see any tournaments because I can’t get any games due to the everlasting queue time. Please can someone at Blizzard do something to fix this. It would help keep the players online number higher.

In Overwatch 2 I see a similar issue. Competitive open queue hurts competitive role queue. Open queue should only be a mode in unranked for multiple reasons. Open queue is not really how the game is played in the pro-scene. Competitive role queue is more like how the game is played by pros. Doesn’t make sense to split up the competitive queues into 2 different modes. Leaving the competitive role queuers to suffer long queue times just to play 1 game then wait again. One of the reasons competitive open is popular is because the queue time isn’t as bad. There are so many great game modes in Overwatch 2 that the game will not suffer or lose anything by switching open queue to unranked only.