Queue in Diablo 2 softcore ladder europe


since many weeks i can´t create a Diablo 2 LOD softcore ladder Spiels due to a queue

Ticketnummer: #73055167

The problem is still not solved

Please sent any information to solve this issue to [Removed Personal Information by Blizzard Moderator]

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.de its your bank crad or what the … !

Issue is still present without any explanation or solution. Is it correct that this game will not be supported anymore?

I am positive that nobody at Blizzard knows that these things happen, or that they actually believe it’s to combat botting. Bots are the only things that know how to avoid them.

Still no support. Is it ok to state that this game is dead and will not suppoted by blizzard and battle.net to warn other people before they are buying this game?