Question regarding the celebration collection

I have a question regarding the celebration collection. If I buy the $60 package to get all of the wow rewards would I be able to redeem all the goodies for diablo 3, overwatch and the arcade collection on my ps4?

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Yes and no.

Diablo® III items available in PC version only. To redeem Overwatch® items on consoles, players must link their Blizzard® account with their console account.

This new News article has all the updated info and links for you. It includes the D3 console links which are sold separately.

This is the question I had too more or less.

I had already purchased the Epic collection for my PC account, and that purchase granted me the Raynhardt skin AND the Overwatch loot boxes on both my PC account as well as my linked Xbox account.

I was trying to then figure out if the additional content was included for both, or if I actually needed to then buy the 30 Year Collection on Xbox as well now in order to have the additional content.

It’s all a bit confusing.