Question on Purchase

Just curious about something, I recently bought Diablo 2: Resurrection, which I’m looking forward to playing. I understand I can’t install it till Sept 23rd, which is fine. But is there a way for me to get the CD key So I can show ownership in steam or just link steam to my Blizzard account???

I have had a history with Blizzard in the past and I don’t trust the company completely.

When you purchase a digital game from Blizzard the game license is added to your Battlenet account when the purchase transaction completes.

To the best of my knowledge Blizzard has no relationship with Steam so you can’t link to it.

Thank you for the reply, this next bit might sound dumb, but where do you find the license info on the account, or do I got to go thru the emails to locate it? Like I said I have had my issues with them so it’s been some time since I even bothered to log in with them.

Thx again eitherway

At the top of the Blizzard website on the right is your Battletag name with a drop down menu. That takes you to Account Details.

You can review all your games, transaction history, security settings, privacy settings, etc. It is also a place you can claim codes if you happen to have a test game key, promotion code, etc.

As long as your Battlenet Account is registered in your real name Blizzard is very good about making sure you can still access it. You might have to jump through hoops, but they don’t just take things away unless you get in enough trouble to be banned.

In addition though, you will want to ensure your Bnet account is kept secure and your email too! Secondary Authentication on both, avoiding phishing scams/links, malware, etc.

I made an info thread on it the other day you might want to read.

I don’t know where you come from, but accusing people of wrongdoing Is very insulting. So maybe you shouldn’t be posting or even suggesting that for a simple question. Basic account security I think everyone already knows, so I can only take your post one way.
But thanks for guiding me to the correct area in the menu’s.

You were not accused of anything! You might want to re-read. You were given the account links.

Then you were given info on how to keep your account secure for YOUR safety. Just like someone might remind you to lock your car doors when you leave so nobody steals your car.

Are you done? Again maybe you should re-read your post, I don’t know about you but, I don’t have to have someone to remind me to lock my “car doors”, so the second post was pointless because it’s common sense (that only leaves the other part). You could have just answered the question I asked (which you did) and be done… you know what, I don’t really care, enjoy life.

You realize MVPs are other players right? MVPs don’t work for Blizz or have any insight into your account or background.

Your assumptions and attitude when someone is trying to keep you safe is just… It is reasonable to think that someone who does not know the basic account options, and does not log in often, might not be up to date on account security. Not that even the best don’t need a reminder from time to time.

Most people just say thanks for the reminder and skip it if they don’t need it.

Wow. Best of luck to you.

And people wonder why almost nobody is willing to help other players.