Quarantine Early Ladder Reset!

This would be an amazing opportunity to show you still listen to the Diablo 2 community and care about us too. Reset the ladder now! I have a feeling this would be extremely welcome with everyone being locked up and in need of something to pass the time. It’s a little early compared to normal, true enough, but I doubt there’s anyone who’s still grinding this ladder and would rather continue that, than start fresh with a TON of people available to play!

Please comment if you disagree and don’t want this early reset request!



The general experience I’ve had with ladder resets as of late is an increase of lag and random disconnections, both of which decrease my desire to play the game especially hardcore. The problems generally relax as time goes on, as the masses of bots start hitting lvl 99 and the item stores get fully stocked. Now the grand fix of this problem would be to ban the hackers and bots which are the cause of the lag and disconnections, but we all know that won’t happen.

Climbing the ladder doesn’t mean anything anymore, the bots will always win.

So there you have it, it’s a big no for me.


I’d love to see an early reset too I think it’s the perfect time for it

I logged in today just to see if there was anything about this. Would make a ton of sense for Blizzard to do a ladder reset early this season.

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All fun and stuff, until the bots destroy the fun once again :slight_smile:
Quarantine bots.

Do it please!!! Give me more entertainment during quarantine :slight_smile:

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dude shut up. they will reset at 6 months.

They should show they have integrity by hunting down and eliminating all the bots.

In order to do that, they’d have to scan your computer to see what programs and/or scripts you have running, sort of like an antivirus program… The software called “Warden” which Blizzard used in the past to scan for and eliminate bot users has been classified as ‘spyware’. This present Blizzard with a problem, as there are many locations that have laws against companies using spyware to collect any kind of information without consent of the user.

Blizzards two options:
1: Enforce Warden on all games, but sales are restricted to locations that don’t have laws prohibiting spyware… And make a lot less money.
2: Sell their games without any form of cheat protection to everywhere, make a boatload more money, keep share holders happy and the board members pockets lined.

You can probably guess what the ideal business model would choose. In a nutshell, Blizzard games are a cheaters haven. Legitimate players get the short end of the stick.

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Loader reset would be mutch apresiated now. Would keep people at home gringing level. Even boters would stay home gringing there scripts :slight_smile:

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The resets were always in MAY, APRIL, NOVEMBER and the last one in December, I don’t understand why they still haven’t given a date for the reset of the beginning of the year! in full quarantine, it would be a good one!

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blizzard never never listens the community… dont waste ur time

common blizzard show us ur listening


I second this motion.

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The only people who want a ladder reset are botters looking to make some easy money.

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Looking forward to the reset. a few days of playing with human players is always welcome. :slight_smile: just give us a heads up so i can get the day off.

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