QoL PoE Cry Babies

GGG added some area damage to easy-to-kill monsters upon their death. Player cried out how terrible this is, how it isn’t fair! lol

I still remember when Geleb’s fire enchanted corpse explosion killed me when I first started playing. Did I go running to the devs crying bloody murder? No, I build a stronger character.

I think the reason we’ll never get a game as good as D2 LoD again is because more and more, today’s gamers need hand holding QoL games.

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Animal Crossing is doing pretty well. We don’t care about the “if a game isn’t hardcore it’s a bad game” mentality anymore. Go back to D2.

What does a kids game have to do with dark demonic hack in slash arpgs, besides you, again, proving my point?

A kids game that people of all ages enjoy because they play games to have fun and not to feel validated, or hardcore, or “macho”, representing the mindset of the modern gamer which you criticize so much.

Let people enjoy things.

You might not remember, but when D II first came out, all the paladins and barbarians went crying to Blizzard because they felt the amazons were too overpowering. So, for the next few updates, guess who was nerfed and who was buffed? Cry babies are everywhere! You did the one reasonable and practical thing; you built a stronger character.

I am not familiar with PoE but I do believe that kind of thing goes on a case per case basis. On the vast majority of situations, I agree with you. Get good at the game, build a better character, or a better skillset. There are however, situations where developers make design decisions that are unbalanced, unfair, or remove from the fun of the game.

Maybe there’s a mechanic that players can actually work around, but the way they do so ends up being limiting to the gameplay or just making the game less fun or more frustrating. Game balancing needs to make sure the challenge is there, but conquering said challenge is a satisfying process that makes players evaluate their options and strategies and come up with solutions using creativity. Sometimes, that’s just not the case. Providing feedback for such balancement changes is important in the development of any healthy video game, and it happened with Diablo II and all the other great classics of the past as well.

No one plays games for that reason, they play D2 style games because they are fun just like people do with kids games. My point is that the style of games that I, and a whole lot of others like to play, are getting lamer and lamer because publicly traded publishers are catering to young people living of the affluence and laurels of generations that came before them, and it’s the same with the developers. It’s the same with the comic book industry.

You and the people you represent will never be the type of people on the front lines of anything making the world a better place. You all just want a free easy ride and constant sustained dopamine hits. You represent the type of people that destroyed Rome. Rome coming to an end wasn’t really a bad thing, but I don’t trust people who think like you, who don’t do anything to help make human life on earth healthy and sustainable.

Don’t forget to report me for hurting your fragile feelings.

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You are literally complaining about what the players of a game you previously said you don’t play to any serious extent want the game they play to be. If those games are lame, don’t play them. Your post does absolutely nothing to “make the world a better place”. It’s literally just QQ.

You and the people you represent are the reason of memes and laughter by me and the people I represent. :wink:

You mean like your generation who caused more damage for the environment in a few decades than the entirety of mankind caused in it’s whole history? And hey, your generation is the generation who raised my generation. So we’re just acting like you taught us.

How many times do I have to tell you, Silly, that Lions don’t concern themselves with the monkeys being wankers in the trees. lol

My generation? What generation is that? munches on an organic carrot while you spin another bs comment

edit: this discussion has nothing to do with Diablo 2 and I’m removing myself from here to stop escalating it further.

You’re wrong about what generation I am, I am not a Baby Boomer, nor are my parents. And I can assure you, as a citizen of this planet along with you, that I have one of the smallest footprints in the developed world. I’m not perfect, but I am very conscious of everything I do, including my purchases.

Sorry for assuming.

I disagree a lot with your visions about gaming but I see no reason to turn that into hostility any further. I apologize and will stop provoking you in your threads and otherwise.

That’s unfortunate. You’re very intelligent and I enjoy bantering back and forth with you about our differences.

I don’t want what you enjoy in gaming taken away, I just want what I enjoy returned.

I understand that.

To be fair, PoE isn’t D2, and it isn’t trying to replace D2 either. It is undeniable that it was STRONGLY influenced by D2, especially in the beginning, but it went through innumerous transformations and became its own thing. Naturally, it ended up appealing to a broader audience than just D2 veterans which might have been it’s initial playerbase. The devs go really damn insane with those patches. They really try out all sorts of different things and mechanics and… Sometimes they go overboard.

From my understanding, those volatile mobs actually ended up being a badly planned addition to the game. Not because they’re a challenge, but because of the way the game is balanced (remember, this isn’t D2. In PoE, damage scales in ridiculous ways and it’s not uncommon to get one-shot even with the tankiest build mathematically possible), makes it so that the resources the game usually offers to tackle strong enemies (curses, CCs, debuffs in general) are useless against them, because dead mobs are immune to all those. So, they ignore the vast majority of defensive mechanisms the player may have at it’s disposal, and leave it all up to the character’s numbers (resistances, ES, life, whatever damage mitigation he has), and, again, due to the ludicrous damage scaling of PoE, those numbers are often simply not enough to save the player from getting instantly taken from full health to zero.

Added to that, the fact that the models themselves are difficult to vizualize, often hidden under other effects or even spawning under the player…

LOL the irony. I mentioned Animal Crossing kinda as a joke, and David Brevik and his wife were streaming Animal Crossing yesterday, just got the VOD.

I bet even Diablo himself is playing that right now, it’s such a wholesome game.

There’s the smarty pants that sits me down almost every time.

And a perfect follow up “in your face.”

I’ve not had a pc in several months and my MacBook can’t play D2, so I’ve been legit jonesing D2 after talking about it so much in the D3 forum for the last week. This forum doesn’t inspire that in me. Anyway, you’ve inspired me to install my steam account and play PoE and maybe see if this MacBook can handle some DOOM 2016.

Edit: PoE and DOOM can’t be played on a MacBook.

Sad. I even got them running on Linux.

Yep, xbox it is…