QoL Improvement For Diablo 2 and Elite Players


A couple of simple alterations in the game would greatly improve it and the player base. It would also make the foundation of D4 epic if applied to it, because you could return the franchise to trading and 8 player games.

It’s simple. Do not allow a character to pickup and carry an item with an ilvl greater than the clvl.

Also, don’t allow characters to advance to the next act until they’ve reached a specific level.
Eg. In hell, don’t allow a character to advance past act 1 until it has reached clvl 85, act 2 clvl 90, act 3 clvl 93, act 4 clvl 95.

People who actually play the game the way the game was designed to be played will know exactly what this will mean and what it will do to the health of the game online. They also know that reaching these clvl in these acts is not hard to do. Bad players and cheaters will also learn that there are a lot more areas to farm in multiplayer games than cbaals and a couple of areas in each act. A group of 8 players can easily level to clvl 85 by just doing blood moor runs. Which is an area where I know for a fact Vex can drop.

This will teach the entire player base how to build elite characters and use all the skills and how to use what gear the game deals you.

Btw, if you actually know how to build characters and use the skill and all the items in the game, you’ll know that what I’m suggesting is far more fun. It would make hell games light up and every act would have 8 player games such as
“act1 run 84”. It would also bring enormous purpose and value to low level gear.

Literally make it so games in the higher acts cannot be seen until the character has reached the appropriate level.

Also add the the /players 8 feature. Just like it is when playing TCP/IP games.


NO, I hate those ideas.
Finding/carrying an item which I cannot YET wear/use is what gives me the incentive to level up the character so that I CAN use/wear it!

Also just what makes you think that power leveling and skipping things is NOT how the game was MEANT to be played after having “played through” a few dozen times?!?


If you played the game the way it was designed to be played you wouldn’t find items above your character level. Getting your level 60 character rushed to hell Baal isn’t playing the game.

You just couldn’t bear the idea of not buying your elite gear off jsp botters because you don’t know how to play the game with out jsp, rushes and bots

If they did what I suggested, you’d not know how to get past hell Andy. Lol!


All I can say is that those ideas would do more to split up an already small player base.

Sorry, but I do not believe those are good ideas.


i have already pointed out the issue before… NON LADDER PVP

every single botter on jsp is using LADDER to sell botted gear for their NON LADDER PVP characters. WHY? because you cant make fg on NON LADDER the only items that sell on NON LADDER are either bugged/duped/hybrids for massive amounts of FG or they are bought with $$ off of another non jsp site…
so all these people flood LADDER with botted gear like shakos and hrs to hoard all the LADDER FG so they can slink back off into the cesspool that is NON LADDER and buy those insanely expensive hybrids/dupes for their PVP characters…

fix this issue and d2 is fixed.


If you don’t think something I’ve said is a good idea, all you’ve done is confirmed that what I said is a good idea.


That’s some mighty twisted logic there. However if it makes you feel good, more power to ya.


That will destroy the ability to mule items… unless they come up with bigger stash.

Another thing to take into consideration is. If I have a Sorc and I found an IK set, I don’t want the IK set to take up spaces in my Sorc’s stash unnecessarily. I want to offload it to a Mule, build my barb and then my barb can use that IK set.

What you suggested about having a level requirement is definitely an idea that is definitely worth exploring, but there are a few things to consider and relavent “resolution” should be made for those consideration before rushing to implementing what you suggested.

I hope you agree.

That’s fine, except I think level 85 for Act 5 is more appropriate (level 70 act 1, 75 act 2, 80 act 3, 83 act 4 and then 85 for act 5).

I have been playing my own closed off private game (and sometimes joining public CBaal games where I purposely avoid Chaos Sanctuary and Throne of Destruction and just solo myself in WSK in a 4-8 players game), and it took me almost 1 month just go get from level 90 to 91.

For those player who play 8 hours a day 7 days a week, then sure you can reach level 95 in a few days. For me, I play 1 hour a day, it took me weeks go level up from 90 to 91 and that is without dying this time. If I die, then it would have taken even longer.

To a degree I agree with you. However, there are other aspects which need to be taken into consideration as well.

For example: someone who plays Fireball/Orb Sorc. During season 1, that player could be experimenting and learning, so what you said makes complete sense. Play slowly, experiement skills, etc… and once that Sorc reaches Hell difficlty, the player can play this Sorc fairly proficiently.

However, after ladder reset, that player already know how to play Fireball/Orb Sorceress, so there would be very little motivation for that player to re-do all those steps again, especially considering NM poses very little challenge to even a low level Sorc when the Sorc is played properly.

All that player would want to do is to find some OK gear low level gear for Sorc to survive in Hell Act 1 and start MFing Pits, Mausoleum, Blood Raven, Countees, etc…


don’t worry in the end battle net will get shut down and you won’t have to worry about people being rushed or JSP or bots because it will all be gone


Can’t wait to see this happening lol

I miss encountering scammers on d2… good ol unsafe time


It won’t destroy the ability to mule items, you’ll just be forced to be very selective what gets muled. Which is the how the game was originally designed. Blizzard doesn’t support muling and muling as it is is a huge problem as it leads to botting and item selling. Seriously, if you can’t play in hell with the gear that drops… you suck at the game.

And if you don’t think that my idea won’t bring players together and make a closer knit community, you are not too bright. You fail at the game. In normal alone players make lasting connections via Trist runs, Tomb runs Chaos runs and Baal runs. What I’ve suggested will do the same thing in every act on every difficulty.

You people demonstrate here how bad you all are at this game. You’re nothing without rushes and easy access to high end gear. You’re so stuck in the same old ways that you’ve no creativity or imagination.

Veovix, that is at least a decade away. Diablo 1 and War 2 were just reworked and rereleased and they are played on Classic Bnet. They’ll shut it down when Classic Games cannot be played anymore on modern machines. They also just installed brand new servers for classic bnet. So you go on being the forum’s harbinger of sorrow. In the end I’ll be getting the last laugh, and it’ll be at you and your ilk for being nasty, stupid trolls. :slightly_smiling_face:

Great ideas are always opposed by mediocre minds.


This is NOT true! This season my lvl 90 wind druid found an Azurewrath sword.
My lvl 80 Paladin can NOT use that sword(because it requires lvl 85) but he CAN carry it around and it gives me the incentive to level up that paladin!

Your idea would ALSO prevent my paladin from in game TRADING for that azurewrath.

I have NEVER used JSP and never will!

YOU do not get to say that RUSHING is not how online was “meant” to be played!

TRADING, RUSHING, and GROUP play, are a very large and important part of the game IMHO!


Well, this season I learned to play with low end gears (and that in part is a big thank you to lots of tips you provided me last season).

Before I traded a Tal Rasha’s set, I was perfectly able to survive well in Hell difficulty with using cheap low level starter runewords and low end gears. The killing speed is not fast, but survive and killing in Hell is doable.

Tal Rasha’s set allowed me to be more aggressive (to the point of being reckless and still winning the fight against mobs of monsters) and kill faster, but without Tal Rasha’s set, I was still perfectly able to survive well as long as I am less aggressive and more careful.

By the way, I followed your IK berserk barb suggestion and it works really well. Except I made a few tweaks myself and played a slightly different style. Last night, I used that barb to fight my way from Act 1 Andariel quest to Act 2 Maggot’s lair and he is great. So thank you for providing suggestions and help. I appreciate that, thank you very much for helping me out.

Anyway… back to the topic. If my SORC found a good set (such as IK), then logically there are 2 choices I have. Either build an IK barb myself or trade it away for something else such a rune.

But in either case, I don’t want that IK set sitting in my Sorc’s inventory. I want to be able to constantly play uninterrupted and find gear during that limited 1 hour per day I have. Then towards end of that 1 hour, I have done enough playing and item finding for that day, then only if I feel like trading, I will create trade games with titles such as “IK set for trade”, or “griffon’s eye for trade” and use the last 5-10 minutes to see if anybody is interested in trading.

I don’t want run into situations such as: play for 10 minutes, then be forced to create a trade game to get rid of something, then play for another 10 minutes, then be forced to create a second trade game, etc… this constant interruption breaks my “coherent flow of playing”.

Such “breaking of coherence” It may suit players such as yourself, but for me, someone who has day time full time jobs and come home to play some games after a long day of work, the last thing I need is to be constantly interrupted and be forced to create a trade game to get rid of something when this something can just be off loaded to another character.


Is there no one who knows anything about this game, or is this forum just painted by noobs pretending they know how to play the game?

Going from 80 to 85 in an 8 player game in hell act 1 games takes less than 3 hours. And don’t get me going on the bag of wind who knows next to nothing about this game and then writes a book talking about all the nothingness that they know.


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If Blizz doesn’t get rid of the bots next ladder I won’t be back. Ive pretty much walked away from gaming altogether and have started converting my game room into something else.


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we not elite players, we proletariat players


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