Pw recovery help

I have sent at least 6 pw recovery request over 3 weeks. I havent seen any emails in my main or spam folders. Would like to have something simple as this helped with.

I am not able to claim that this is why there is a delay in what you have requested. Yet, there have been claims of gamers losing their accounts and the gear they had on their chars due to what may have been successful social engineering attempts by malicious perps.

I can imagine that Blizzard is being cautious when it comes to anything account related. That is a good thing as players put in so much time, often a decade or more, on their chars.

I always begin fresh (as in no items…a clean slate) with a new char every hardcore ladder, so I do not have much to worry about. Unless someone wants to just be silly.

Yet, there are gamers who have items from the very beginning of d2 who have kept dilligent with refreshing their accounts and who have a lot to worry about.

Hope that you can contact support directly and find a safe means to do what you need.

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consider the account lost sorry thats the way it works for bnet

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its a new acct about 2 or 3 months old…ive been playing since 2003 jast restarted. why would this be an issue? if i confirmed my email, i do not want to make a new email that i have had for years just to get reset pw.

I’ve tested the PW recovery on both accounts I have. It’s working on both.

Your account has likely been deleted from the servers due to inactivity over 90 days.

To verify your last successful LOGIN…you can check your D2 TEMP files for the dates. Those are found inside the USER folder…and then APP DATA\LOCAL.

If that seems fine, then you might check that you have selected
the correct SERVER for your login to for D2.

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its been less then 90 days for inactivity, it it was a week, i put wrong pw. my last log in was the week of christmas