Purge the Pillar of Damnation Hidden Lair Bug

Unable to complete this quest in Realm of Damnation exploration. Despite clearing the quest itself, the number does not grow. Kindly advise if anything I’m doing wrong.

Posted on Youtube to prove it.

Hey folks,

I tested this and it seems that the type of monster that spawn are what determines if the task is counted or not.

  • If six normal mobs spawn, the task will count.
  • If three blue mobs spawn, the task will count.
  • If a single yellow mob spawns, the task will count.
  • However, if a single purple mob spawns, the task will not count.

So it seems that until it’s fixed, players need to keep farming the Pillars of Damnation for the six normal mob spawn.

Updated my post above with new information.

Thanks Leviathan. The yellow mob was a special one. I initially thought it was an English level testing since the quest state that “Purge the pillar of damnation and kill the demons in it”. So basically if only ONE demon appear, the quest will not count, since the quest specifically mention demon(S). Hope that helps everyone too. I cleared it already though, thanks.