Purchased collector's empowered battle pass, no exp

I purchased the collector’s empowered battle pass and it stated you would gain 10 battle pass levels. While i did receive the levels as expected, i did not receive any exp for them. This is confusing to me because every other battle pass level has resulted in a burst of exp depending on the current battle pass level. Can someone please confirm why no exp was rewarded if every other level gives exp? Thanks


since you dont gain exp for spending 150 orbs to get a level, its reasonable to assume you wouldnt get exp for buying 10 levels from the pass

It is not described in the Battlepass overview and it’s reasonable to assume that once you got the higher rank of battle pass you would receive a bonus exp too. Since We do have this message
Earning Battle Points levels your Battle Pass which grants XP.
So once Battle pass levels up it should grant XP no matters it is done by 150 orbs or upgraded battle pass