Purchase in battle.net from Moldova

If you try to buy something on Battle.net from Moldova, all prices are in Ukrainian hryvnia. Not in dollars or euros, which would be logical if there is no national currency of Moldova, but in hryvnias. In connection with recent events in our country, banks do not conduct operations with the hryvnia directly, the exchange rate is unstable. Is it possible to convert the store for Moldova to a more convenient currency for use?

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I have seen something for this in forum for Cambodia and I have similar topic for Armenian Currency. For some reason currency for us set to Georgian Lari. Supports told me to post it in forum to reach authorized person. But all topics with similar problems have no reaction on them

also I just realized that price which is 191 Gergian lari is about 94$ for us! while official price for standard edition is 70$…
That might be a problem with Lari exchange rate is floating. But if it was in drams or dollars it would not be a problem.
Hope someone will react to our problem

Making the currency “hryvnia” for Moldova is the biggest nonsense I’ve seen.