PSA for people wanting to buy items from the US Gear Store

If you’re like me who is staying outside of the US, you might have noticed that navigating to the gear store would send you immediately to the international version of the gear store. There’s a workaround this and here’s how to do it.

First, you need to get a VPN. For those who already have a VPN service, great! Just set it to United States and turn it on and bingo, you’re in! For those that don’t have a VPN, you can get a free VPN from Tunnelbear (google it as I can’t post links). Create a free account which should give you 200MB of data for free, enough for us to place an order. Next download the program and select United States and turn on the VPN. Then navigate to the gear store and you’ll be greeted with the US version of the store. Add anything you want and checkout, they have international shipping.

Hope this helps out my fellow collectors. Not sure why they want to region lock us even when the US version of the store supports international shipping. Also, I have to warn you that the international shipping is HORRENDOUS. I ordered a week before Blizzcon and it still hasn’t arrived even after I added extra for expedited shipping. YMMV